Sunday mornings at 9am, join us for one of our Sunday School classes. Children meet in the Christian Education wing, middle and high school meet in the Cave, and there are many Sunday school classes for adults to choose from!

We hope to see you here!


Adult Sunday School Class Offerings


Class Title                                                       Location

Discovering the God of Creation                       Library

If you’ve ever wondered if science denies or supports the theory of evolution, join us all this fall for the latest discoveries and scientific evidence which uphold the hand of God in the miraculous “Intelligent Design” of the universe. We open in September with “Darwin’s Black Box” the meticulously researched study from Chemical Biologist Dr. Michael Behe which launched the Intelligent Design movement. Behe’s persuasive challenges to evolutionary theory clearly present evidence for God’s design in nature. Join us for this illuminating scripture-based study. (Taught by Rick Gathman)

Engaging the Scriptures                              Basement next to Finance Office

A lively study of that morning’s worship service scripture will take place. Information and questions will be presented by the class leader. Opportunities for discussion and pre-reading will provide preparation and insight into the background and culture of the time and place of the scripture passage. You will find this class to be an opportunity to learn and be prepared for morning worship. (Taught by Victor Vogel, Marcia Thomas, and Dave Shrom)

The Study of Revelation                                      Chapel                    

The last book of the Bible, The Revelation to John, inspires many questions with its mysterious images and fearsome creatures. A grand finale to Jesus’ work of redemption, Revelation describes God’s final victory over Satan, and the coming of the heavenly kingdom. Our study will focus on the hope found in John’s vision – not just for the future, but for us and the Church today. Youth and adults are welcome to attend this class. (Taught by Pastor Ryan)