Times have changed, making it much easier for busy church members today to automate their giving to First Presbyterian Church with no more check writing! Our standard weekly envelopes and paper checks or cash will always be accepted but we would like you to consider three new ways to eGive (electronic giving) in lieu of, or in addition to, the weekly envelopes. So please, review the options and we encourage you to “Step Up” to a new way to give and share the Lord’s blessings!


 1) Bill payer service through your bank or credit union – most all financial institutions now offer to its members a bill payer service. This is an automated way to have your payments      or contributions sent out electronically or via US mail by the financial institution on your behalf to the destination organization of your choosing. All of these financial institutions offering Bill    Payer allow you to search by organization name (First Presbyterian) and zip code (17837) for the organization you would like to send a payment or contribution to. And they also allow you to add an organization if one does not exist. To do this, you need to find the place on the bank’s member website to add a new organization or call their office and submit the church’s full name, address,   and contact info; which would be:

First Presbyterian Church
18 Market Street, Lewisburg, Pa 17837
Contact phone number for billing or account questions – this would be the church office number of (570) 524-4419

Once the account for First Presby is setup with your financial institution, you can then assign the contribution amount, frequency, start date, and account number or description (i.e. “XXX-Unified Offering”; where XXX is your church envelope number assigned) and the bank or credit union handles the rest. Again, one time setup and you’re done. For your weekly envelopes, you can simply mark on it “eGive” and add the amount and your name and drop it into the offering plate. That’s it.

2) Electronic Check (eCheck) also called Direct Debit – this is a secure bank to bank electronic transfer for the amount and frequency you desire. This requires the sharing of your bank’s routing and your account number with the church’s bank routing and account number. This totally eliminates paper checks and mailings, and is safe, free, and easy to setup. Included with this letter is a sign-up form to begin this service or you can call the church office to have this setup. This form is also available via the church website at www.first-presby.org. Again, weekly offering envelopes can simply be marked with “eCheck”, the amount with your name and placed into the offering plate.

The Stewardship Committee thanks you for your continued generosity and faithfulness toward the important work this church does within and outside our walls. You are making a difference! We hope you find these new ways to eGive toward the church’s mission easier and more convenient in these ever busy times. If you do have further questions on any of this, please call the church office at (570) 524-4419.


eCheck Authorization Form