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First  Presby  Youth

Reaching youth, teaching them about the love of Christ and walking with them through their individual journeys in life.


Who we  are…   The First Presby Youth Program is a Christian ministry program of the First Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg. We have programs for middle school and high school aged students. The program is under the direction of Matthew Rishell

 What  we  do…We run a variety of  weekly and monthly programs ,activities and special events throughout the year. We have weekly age appropriate youth groups,Sunday School classes, small groups, fun activities,Seasonal trips, weekend retreats, mission trips, community Service projects and much more!

What we  believe…The mission of the church is to live Fully in Christ through His   word, community and mission.We believe that all youth should have a safe and welcoming place to hangout, learn about God, build friendships and  have mentoring opportunities.

Who can  be  involved…ANY middle school, high schoolor college age student! We welcome students of all backgrounds!

Want more information? Contact us!

Office: 18 Market Street, Lewisburg

Phone: 570-524-4419

Find us on Instagram: @1stpresbylbg